Schweser, coooome on!

They seriously have to update their server! 3 hours of studies online = 30 minutes actual question taking. Time is crucial now

I’m going to ask for compensation from them (after saturday!). Who’s with me?

I am. Havent been able to use if for 2 hours now, so frustrating

I am, impossible to access to the answers of Book 6!!!

same here

try a different browser

So annoying! Family Guy is just repeat tonight, Yankees played already, no NHL playoff, its such a perfect night for studying. And Schweser is down, I mean come on!!!

Just tried Firefox, works to login but still cant access the test management section

I really hope it’s not going to be this slow for the rest of the week especially during the hrs of 8pm - 12 am! this is sooo frustrating!

I asked for the CD based Qbank as compensation last week when I flame-mailed them…they complied.