Schweser Do-It-Yourself Notecard Challenge

Seriously, how challenging is tearing out the do-it-yourself notecards without ripping them? I’m pretty sure there is a positive correlation between how hard you concentrate on tearing them out correctly to how badly you rip them. Anyone else getting this problem or is it just me?

I’m with you. I’ll go on a mean streak and tear out almost an entire study session without ripping one, then I psyche myself out and rip a few in a row. Either way, it’s been a fantastic way to kill time at work while at the same time annoying the hell out of people who sit near me. And, for the record, I’m not a fan of these do-it-yourself cards. I liked the pre-printed ones a lot better. Just not $100 better.

Yeah, I’m pretty cheap myself. Last year for level 2 I actually made all the notecards myself to stay focused about a month from the test. That was a huge mistake. The amount of LOSs on the level 2 exam, not to mention all the different parts, amounted to like 8 packs of notecards. I was writing the LOS as well as the answer on the back. It was awful. I started thinking I could make them all in a couple days. It ended up taking me like 2 and a half weeks and my hand was cramping up after each one so I was going really slow. Then once I finished I just threw them in a box and never reviewed them once. That can’t help. This time I’m making them intermittedly while I study so its a lot better way of breaking the time up.

I was also thinking I’d read through the materials then read through again and fill out these cards as I go. I won’t kid myself though, it’s never been my style to fill out my own notecards so if the going gets tough I’ll probably bail. I bet any money that this was just a cost-cutting move by Schweser by not breaking the cards out themselves and not printing these two-sided while at the same time trying to sell us on the fact that they did this to make us learn better. We got hosed, I tell you.

I bet they did it to spike sales in their pre-made note cards. They’re probably like “here we’ve set it up, now just rip these out and write in the answers and you’ll be on your way to passing”. They knew we’d have trouble with the pre-serrated cards, knew we’d have trouble knowing what to fit on the back of them, then probably give up and order the pre-made ones. For that I’m toughing through it.