Schweser Down Again!?!?!

Got to love it

Yep. Middle of my full second pass of the materials… was 1/4 way through Reading 76!

MT327 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Got to love it geese, any way we can short those fuck##s ?

What should I do. I really wanted to do some FSA questions tonight

damn schweser is down once again…what the F do we pay for ???

Yes, this has happened quite a bit over the past few weeks. Good thing is that when it does go down, it is usually back up on about a half hour or so. Lets hope it is a similar situation today.

wierd…it’s working for me…i’m on the east coast…been working for last 2 hours

Looks like it is back up already…good news!!

Buy the CD Rom guys. You don’t even need internet connectivity to use it. One drawback is that you can’t Qbank during work.

im at my office rocking out on the old q bank right now - install that bad baoy and your good to go.

crashed again…sweeeet!