Schweser Down

Is Schweser down for anyone

All day for me… (and parts of last night) I could not find an after hours contact number either…

Lance - Try logging out and deleting cookies etc… it works for me now

Thanks Wa, God forbid Schweser strip me from my exhilarating Saturday Night plans

She’s down again.

WTF, damn schweser. Good thing work reimburses me for this, or I’d drive to Lacrosse, WI and give those jerk-offs a bitch slap. Thinking about doing it anyway.

Back up. See, I scared 'em.

Hey, it’s 10:15. Schweser always takes a nap at 10:15.

Smarshy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Back up. See, I scared 'em. Thanks.

damn … it’s down again. damn you schweser!

in the middle of a test. soooo damn annoying.