Schweser Downloads

I tried searching for topics on this but couldn’t find the details I needed. Does anyone have the link for downloading 2008 Schweser materials?

Do you mean downloading the pdf version of the Notes? If so, then they aren’t allowing us to do that this year. So annoying!

Damn! I seem to recall a website that people referred to that had downloads of the 08 Schweser stuff. Oh well, looks like I’ll need to part with them scheckels and buy the 09 material.


Doing so could be tracked. You could easily lose you charter a few years later…

If somebody has purchased the L1 2009 notes from Schweser, do you think you could be in trouble if you download 2008 notes from “non legit sites” for convenience purposes? It is a lot easier to study during a work break from a pdf file than pulling a book. Also, if you do not buy anything from those type of sites, you just download the information, what are the chances that somebody is going to track you down? I understand that the technology is there to find you, but it is hard for me to believe people would spend the time and resources to do that and as a consequence somebody years later would lose their charter. Thanks in advance for any comments