Schweser Early Bird in October?

Congratulations to those who passed the CFA Level II exam this year. Looking at some posts on this platform a few people have mentioned starting studying early for the exam due to its difficulty. I am therefore considering signing up to the early bird Schweser classroom course in October. For those who signed up last year, would you recommend signing up for the June 2018 exam? How beneficial was it? Would you recommend another provider that potentially does an early course start? I understand this is a touch subjective but would appreciate any feedback from those who did sign up to the early bird course.

Depending on where you are based, Fitch Learning in London, UK was excellent.

London based. In fairness Fitch were very good for Lvl 1 but I’m attracted to the fact that this is an early starter and there is a cheeky 10pc cost saving. What made Fitch ‘excellent’ in your opinion?