Schweser - Economics

I did this in a day, seem very light/easy, my first L2 chapter. I’m worried Schweser is far to light for L2, or is it just that L2 econ is actually easy? opinions?

I actually experienced the same with the quant section, had it done in 4 hours…

I feel like the parity stuff in Economics, as well as the triangular arbitrage stuff can be pretty quick to learn. However, the balance of payments stuff is messy, and the fact that different theories show different stuff happening with monetary policy, and remembering which is which… There’s a lot there I think.

It’s hard to say if Schweiser is too light on Economics as it is the only section you have covered. The difference with L2 is that elements of Economics are likely to come up in other sections, obviously it also depends on your back ground etc…

wait until u hit fra and equity buddy

lol I did FRA and equity first, since between the two of them, they are most likely gonna be between 40-55% of the whole exam. You can’t miss on them, you gotta know them inside and out. Economics, you can afford to not be super awesome at cuz it’ll be 5%, maaaaaaybe 10, but i doubt it. Gun to my head, I’d guess it at 5.

Having just finished my first Econ reading, having read both Schweser and CFAI materials, I thought Schweser was rather thin. CFAI did a better job explaining the concepts, and to me, it made a lot more sense going that way.

If you did quant in 4 hours then you missed the boat my friend, let see from the top of my head, frame a simple question what is the test for autocorelation and what is the correct table to look at t or p and also the degree of freedom used. also what is the equation for the AR model . If you know the answer to both without blinking … I guess you will ace quant if you dont then I would recommend doing EOC question to see where you are

^^^ Well to be perfectly honest, I studied regression and time series analysis in University, so it was just purely a recap. I got 76% on the subject and it went into far more detail then whats in the CFAI material, too much detail infact…

I failed last time around, but quant was one of my 70+, and I can’t for the life of me remember the answers to those two questions. Haven’t studied quant yet this time around tho.

FYI the CFA isn’t a quant or economics test

As per the website CFA says, a high range of 10% Quant and 10% economics, so there is a possibility of 20% of the exam Quant and Eco, but there will be atleast one question set each. I just completed my Eco reading yesterday night it seem less dense/voluminous than level 1 only testable material I found was the FX parity. But I do agree with the general consensus that ECo should not take too much of the prep time .

I agree, Schweser’s economics is light and it seems to me in an attempt to condense concepts they left behind comprehension which L2 requires