Schweser Elan CFAI and what not?? Helppppp anyone!!

Guys i know results are not out for level 3 but i need help with a query. Basically i need to register with CFAI for Level 3 and also a third provider (employer footing the bill) but i need to know which provider to use. I dont want to go wrong with this. Feel free to give an opinion thanks in advance

Used schweser for level 2 and i felt it covered pretty much everything. Does schweser for level 3 seem a good choice as well alongisde CFAI??

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Why change things up in the final rounds? Also, there are an amazing amount of threads on this topic on AF. Be an analyst and do some homework. Sorry to be overly critical, but this sort of lack of rigor will certainly lead to a fail next June. Hashtag: teach a man to fish…