Schweser enough for Ethics?

I left Ethics for toward the end of my studying, so here I am now. I read somewhere that if you were to abandon Schweser for any section to read straight from the Curriculum books, it should be for Ethics.

I can’t imagine how dry the curriculum ethics section must be and how terribly long it would take me to get through it. Anyone have thoughts on this? Is Schweser good enough to do very well on Ethics, given that it has so much weight on the exam?


ALSO: if you are a note taker, which I am… to what extent did you take notes in your studying for Ethics? More or less? It just seems so dense.

You may have read that from me.

I encourage you to read the CFA Institute’s readings on Ethics, and work all of their questions.

Finnnnnnnnnneeee. I will :frowning: LOL


I would also suggest you take 20 minute before bed reading the standard guideline book everyday. You should be able to read it over 3 times even if you start now.

Is it in the reading?

no it’s a seperate book. I believe CFAI textbook mentions it in the intro section of Ethics

I think the standard guideline and the ethic material are the same

I’ve read both the CFAI ethics material and the Schweser material. I actually found the CFAI ethics material to be easier to read. It has a more cohesive feel. The depth of the CFAI examples make the material more interesting.

I started to realize this as well. I just… am not exactly sure about how to go about taking notes on Ethics. I took in depth notes on the structure of the Codes and Standards and the subsections. But I’m not sure what else to really write down… it could take forever taking notes in that section.

Here are a few examples of some of my notes taken from the Ethics Section:

Study Session #1,2

1.B Independence and objectivitity


–Modest gifts (from clients) are permitted

–Allocation of shares in oversubscribed IPOs to personal accounts is not permitted

Can show you more but you probably get the idea.