schweser errata - mind at ease!

alright this question had completely dumb-founded me. it seemed mensa-like. page 75 book 3… asset allocation… where it has R, R and asset weights for portfolio A, B, C and asks for specific asset weightings for portfolio D with no other info?.. turns out it left out the basic weighting combination (A and B… 65%, 35% which u use in the answer) to generate the portfolio (making the question simple)… i was thinking 65% chance it was my lack of understanding vs. 35% errata. corner portfolios (and resampled frontiers) are poorly enough explained (CFA and Schweser) without errors… LOL, the question had a mensa-feel to it, and you really think you’re in trouble when you don’t understand with the answer in front of you. see a few other errors, i spotted. wish i’d kept better track of what i thought was wrong or possibly wrong. make sure u check errata, there’s alot of good stuff

oh yeah, the z-table in the appendix too??? and then the errata has a link to what i presume is an “illinois state” professor’s website??.. sorry book 4, page 180 (VAR calculation if i recall correctly)