Schweser Errors

Hey, The other day I had read in a thread about some errors in Schweser. One of them had to do with minority interest accounting. What exactly was it ? I had skimmed through the forum back then !! Could any of us list the errors found in schweser books, I might as well do those from CFAI then. Thanks a lot in advance :). Best Regards, TDK88 Regards

I read the other day about a mistake which is being carry forwarded since a long time now … Minority Interest cacluation in FRA. I think CP had posted it. CP or anybody else, if you could help me out with what it exactly was and also letting me know if any more such errors exist in Schweser. Would be really really appreciated :). Thanks. Best Regards, TDK88

I’m not sure if its an error, but use the search function to browse throru cpk’s recent posts.

Who reads FRA from Schweser?