Schweser Essay Mgt section

has anyone done this on the online access? its so long!!! 2 exams worth of questions and i assume you can’t acess the answers untl all 24 Q’s are complete? (I’ve stopped half way cos my brain is tired)

i found the earlier thread on this from the begining of may - no one really seemed to have tried it yet except for boston21 anyone tried since then? boston21 - what did you make of it?

I have not finished it yet… basically it is morning session questions that you type the response to in a box… i have no clue how it is scored or what happens after you finish… i plan on doing these next week

where do u guys find this essay management section? i have download cd version of schweser pro. i dont see it in there?

yea i’m very interested to hear what that whole section is about…