Schweser Essential or Premium Solution?

I couldnt decide which one to purchase. Which one would you buy, the Essential or the premium? Have anyone used the Online Program before? It seems that the online program deliver at a very fast rate! Thanks

I went the Essential route on level 1, however I decided to go with the Premium option for level 2. So far the studying is much easier, offcourse I’ve only completed ethics and quant. The great thing about the Premium option is the online class and the full Schweser library. I don’t think you can put a price on readily available reference videos especially if you are not paying for it.

I have the Video CDs, notes, flashcards and qbank. I think that is perfect, first I watch the lecture along with filling in the lecture slides (this helps me alot), then I’ll read the notes and test myself on qbank. After this if there are problem areas I’ll go over them again and retest on qbank

Thanks guys. I wished I had read this responses before I proceeded to purchased the Essential Solution. I read a couple of comments earlier that, the Stalla Online Class is not good as students tend to ask questions which results in unneccesary disruption to the online class. Do you experience such events?