Schweser Exam 1 AM

Did the first exam this morning and got 45%! Been fousing the last two weeks on reading through all my notes. Amazing how many equations I had looked at a week ago I couldn’t remember! I did remember looking at it so it’s not a complete dissaster I guess. All part of the fun of CFA I suppose.

The written stuff is definately A LOT harder. Normally you can take a look at the MCQ’s and think, yeah that sort of sounds right. I think the calc questions are a god send. No excuse not to nail them.

So my main issues seem to be with the wordy questions. I personally think they can be a bit open to interpretation. Some of the questions are not specific enough so that you definately answer them the way the answers are written. So in a couple of cases I wrote a big answer but wasn’t what they were looking for. Has anyone else found this problem and if so what’s your strategy to deal with it?

Anyway two weeks to go so got plenty of time to improve.