Schweser exam 3 Q 31-36 real estate

I got 31 and 32 ok, but I become overwhelmed with numbers trying to get the rest of them. Will there be calculations this long on the real exam? I also don’t understand how to get interest and expense and the monthly payment. You are given that “Sentry has arranged to finance the investment w/a 30 year, 7% interest-only loan, with monthly payments and a face value equal to 80% of the initial investment” and that the selling price is $60 million. Anyone have any tips for handling item sets like this? I don’t know what to to prepare for these types of questions on Saturday.

Schweser exam 3 from where? This isn’t from the 2 practice exam books is it?

from book 6

you mean practice exam book 1 ? There is no questions 36, each one has 20-23 sections. What page are you looking at?

dude, all you need to know is whats the interest payment - that is your outflow for RE interest return calculation so interest for a year = 0.07 * 0.8 * 60m