Schweser Exam 3pm or re-do CFAI Exam 2008

I don’t think I’ll have enough time/stamina to do both given other things I like to review. For level 3, I feel that I don’t learn alot from the Schweser Exams so am thinking about doing the CFA 2008 exam again. Thoughts? Anyone feel strongly that the Schweser exam 3pm is a MUST do? Significant marginal benefit vs. CFA exams?

The second Schweser Book 3 PM was pure derivatives if you want derivatives questions that is the one.

Interesting, thanks…ah maybe i will do it now. damn it.

Also when you redo the exams don’t you get really high scores? I have that problem with EOC questions as well. The answer for GPE 1 is 13.5% and GPE 5 is 10.855. I would rather do something new than do the same test again.

I remember redoing Sample 1 and my score jumped up 30 points. Not going to happen test day. One shot, one kill.

The point of re-doing the CFAI exams isn’t to get a “score”. I just want to make sure i don’t repeat the same mistakes twice. At the end of the day, no matter how many iterations of questions you do, it’s still the same type of questions…might as well focus on the CFA way vs. Schweser.