Schweser exam Premium package

Hi All, For Level 1, I bought te Pro Qbank and Practice Exam ( Book 1and 2). They were very good tool for me . This time for Level 2 , I am looking to buy the Premium Package which has three more items included :Final Review( Mock exam , Multi Media Tutorial and Secret Sauce) , Instructor Details( Recorded Video classes. and 5 Notes books. My questions are : 1) 5 Notes books : What’s the added value as we do have the books from CFA ? Does this mean we can simply ignore the CFA books 2) Recorded Video : Do they have a used by date as we have for the Probank online. This really annoys me as we cannot refer to them later on. Secondly, what your thoughts about t recorded video classes. 3) Final Review : Are the recorded topicsvery helpful My wish is to have a package which does not include the 5 Notes books unless someone proves me the contrary. Can someone who bought he package before shed some lights on the above. Thank you very much Regards caus