Schweser exams - same year to year?

Anyone know how the Schweser exams vary year to year? Say for the level 1 exam, they generally release 6 exams, 3 in volume 1 and 3 in volume 2. Are volume 1 and volume 2 that they released for the 2014 exams totally different than what they just released for the 2015 exam or do some (or perhaps all) of the questions repeat?

I had the Schweser level 1 exam books for 2013 and 2014 and while there were some slight differences in the exams, there was massive amounts of repetition.

It does change as the curriclum is reviewed.

Yes they will of course update questions for new material and new LOS/readings etc, and remove questions relating to old material that is no longer in the curriculum but I assumed the question was more a “should I aim to get the new tests when I already have the old ones” kind of question.

if you do get the new ones, there will be massive repetition, however if you choose to continue to use the old ones then be aware that some of the questions will be testing old material that is no longer on the curriculum. You can check online to see which exact readings and LOSs have been added/removed.