Schweser exams take VERY long...or is it just me?

The schweser exams have a bunch of calculations and make you take longer than the 1.5mins approx per question…im not sure if its just me…

no…apparently that’s the consensus about Schweser exams on this board.

yep. i skip those 5min questions. i figure its more important to get 3 other questions right in the meantime. i come back to them at the end if theres time.

well thats good to hear…its a study guide really so I think its meant to make you think more outside the box and test you on the material in depth… if the ethics is any sign…the schweser ethics are like essays…the ones ive seen from CFAI are much shorter and to the point…

that’s good to hear…I actually don’t find schwester exam long. Even tho some problems take way more than 1.5 min, others take 10 sec. so in the end I have 15-20 min to spare.

The Stalla mocks are the same way, but whatever can’t kill us can only make us stronger, right?

yes def, when I was studying for one part of CPA i got 66 on Becker practice exam. I was like wow I’m gonna fail. However, read on the forum that it’s not very representative of the real exam, which I got 92 on. No way this will be the case here, but I would rather have prep course that overprepreapres me by 10 points than underprepares by 1.