Schweser finished .. one month to go

I am currently trying to stick to the Schweser program of weekly online courses, ie a study session a week - hitting ss 9 as we speak, and effectively at the half way point. The way i am currently progressing will leave me with aprox. 5ish week of flexi study time where I really get all the information ingrained. I guess some people are going to be in the same(ish) boat, and I was wondering how you are going to approach the final weeks of revision. All I know for certain is that i am going to (try) and read the CFAI text, that i have largely ignored to date, nail some of more and hit the mocks, question bank, practice exams with about 2 weeks to go. Any tried and tested strategies out there?

try and read the CFAI book with 5 weeks to go for the exam is in my mind not such a good plan. Do it now, when you have time. Typically leave the last few weeks to “Review”, take questions, and bind the material together in your mind, not to read fresh stuff. Read the material again, that is fine, but read it for the first time then is not such a good plan. My 0.02c. CP

I would leave the last four weeks for review and mocks (Qbank) exams