Schweser Flashcards

I have been thinking about getting the Schweser flashcards but for $149 I am not sure they are worth it. Anyone purchase these and feel they were worth it?

daj224 swears by them looks pretty useful

Buying them now for the june exam… I don’t know how much help they will be during the final review. But I think they are a handy thing to have to review and remember concepts.

I just bought them. They are decent, but kindof defeat the purpose of a “flash card.” When you have to read 2-4 paragraphs, its no longer a flash card. But In Schweser’s defense, I don’t see how you could really do it any other way for some of these topics.

Thanks for the responses. If anyone sitting in June is interested in selling theirs let me know otherwise it looks like I’ll shell out the $149.