What do you think about the flashcards? Do you think flashcards would be a good source to retain what I’ve learned? Is it worth to buy them? Thanks!

Depends on how you learn. If you learn more from writing things down, I think the LOS flash cards are great. If you learn more from just reading something, then I don’t think they’ll help you that much.

I thought they were pre-printed? I used to study by writing things down but now I don’t have time for it so I’m reading and doing practice questions.

this is confusing (I’ve seen posts that seem to talk about both blank and pre-printed flashcards). for whatever it’s worth, I got Schweser’s “do-it-yourself” LOS flashcards as a handout at an information event and think they are a complete waste of paper. (it’s no wonder that it’s their “free gift” on the packages) I have been making my own flashcards and find them very useful when I have a few minutes on the train, waiting in line, etc.

Schweser has pre-printed cards too and those are great! I read the Schweser notes and supplement my reading with the CFAI material. Once I’m done with a reading, I’ll then go back and highlight, jot down notes and formulas on the LOS cards and then put references (book # and page #) on each LOS. That way, if I have any questions later, after reading, I know exactly where to find it…

I think their do-it-yourself cards are nice, but it all depends on how you study.

thank you all!