Schweser flashcards

I have been thinking about getting the Schweser flashcards and wanted to see if anyone has purchased these and if they felt it was a good investment? They are a bit pricey, but I’m starting to think it might be a convenient study aid to use during my lunch break or few minutes before/after work. I made my own for L1 but don’t think I’ll have the time for L2. Thoughts?

Also, if anyone is interested in selling their '12 Schweser cards, let me know. Thanks.

Anyone willing to share some insight on this?

I got the Schweser flashcards for L1 and maybe looked at 20% of them. Didn’t get them for L2, but am considering them for L3. Need to try something different from last year, and definitely don’t have the time to make my own.

I have an iPad, and there is an app called Passing Score Finance (I think). You can download some electronic flash cards. I think it’s pretty good, especially for $20.00, and you’ll have it on your tablet in just a few seconds.

I decided to go ahead and place my order - its definitely expensive but if it gives me extra 3-4 hours of review every week during work where I can’t take out my books/notes, then it might be worth it. Plus, if I feel like it’s missing anything, I’ll just layer it on rather than have to spend time creating from scratch.

Now if I can only get motivation to read those huge CFAI books - last two nights, I read about 10 pages and called it a night…scary! Since this is L3, anyone have any specifics about what worked/didn’t work for them for L2? Would appreciate it!

Flashcards are invaluable for memorizing equations (and some very specific facts) in the weeks before the exam. Unfortunately, none of the commercially-available flashcards that I’ve seen focus on this specific material, so your best bet is to make your own flashcards using a fine marker and blank cue cards.

Agreed. I made mine on 4x6 index cards and filed them in a little index-card box.

As far as the best way to study? Don’t waste time on CFAI books. Invest the money and get Schweser notes, videos, and QBank. At $1,000 it’s pricey, but it’s well worth it. Beats reading CFAI material. And if you put in the requisite 300 hours, and answer as many QBank questions as you can, and do all 6 of the Schweser practice tests right before the exam, you ought to do fine.

The only thing the CFAI books are good for is the EOC questions.

Thanks for the input all - I’ve ordered the Schweser flashcards and will make my own for things that I feel are missing/need more coverage/etc. Hopefully not a waste of my $!

Regarding CFAI books, I tried and just don’t think I’ll make it - so I’m probably going to read the heavy weights for L2 from the official books and then use FinQuiz Notes/Schweser Videos/Q-banks to cover the rest of the material. God I hope that’s good enough as it’s only Nov. and I’m already feeling behind!

CFAI books are wordy, contain quite a bit of irrelevant material. I agree totally in going the Schwesr Qbank route. But I am reading the CFAI boks anyway plus Schweser/ Videos and Finquiz. Hoping It will get me a more rounded picture. Time consuming but thats worked for me in the past two levels so I will continue with it.

The main strategy adjustment that you need do for L3 is to carve out a Big chunk of time in May to work through old morning exams.

Unlike L1 and L2, the CFAI publishes old morning-session L3 exams, and it’s essential that you carefully work through at least two or three (or more) of these in the lead-up to the exam. This is the only way to fully prepare for IPS-type questions.

The faster you can get through your reading and start working on old CFAI exams (and other practice exams), the better you will do at L3.

Thanks Wendy. That is very useful info. I will bare those important points in mind!

@Screaming Eagle - Are you reading CFAI + FInQuiz Notes + Watching Schweser videos as you go for each reading or doing multiple phases (i.e. Phase I - cfai books from start to end, then Phase II - FQ Notes, etc)? I’m a L2 candidate looking for some feedback of what worked/didn’t from FQ users. Thanks.

I am actually using FQ for the first time at L3 however so far I like the look and feel of it. Some here recommend it over QB.CFAI and Schweser Vids helped me thru other levels.

Oh ok - Did you read the cfai texts in its entirety and watch the Schweser videos for L1 and L2, or just use CFAI books to fill in the gaps? Per your comment above, looks like you’re doing all three sources for L3 - sounds time consuming, but probably helpful to do it through different mediums/sources. Are you just using FQ for the q-bank or also notes? They are running behind schedule for L2 and its a bit frustrating!

Screaming Eagle - When did the Finquiz material get released for L3?