Schweser Flashcards

Hello Everybody,

Did anybody order the Schweser Flashcards with their notes package? I just seen them online and figured they might be pretty helpful.


Price isn’t an issue. Company will pay for it.

Personally, I think that it’s better to make your own flashcards: the act of making them – writing out the information – is worth more to your memorization of the ideas than merely reading them.

When I was studying I wrote out flashcards several times, throwing them away each time. I knew the material quite well and I never reviewed a single flashcard.

Thanks @S2000magician!

I’m generally a “slow” writer, so flash-cards would literally take a lot of time, something I don’t really have.

I just started Economics on my first read through of the material and I am feeling overwhelmed; I don’t remember as much as I thought I did from my undergraduate studies.

Yes, write them down improves your memorization. But indeed, if you lack of time, get them.

@Heaven- making your own flashcards is one of the *best* study tips for learning and ultimately understanding the CFA cirriculum. And even more so on Level II and Level III.

Most people who have crossed the finish line will agree with that nugget of knowledge (initially expressed by S2000), wholeheartedly.

Thanks everybody for the input!

I understand writing them out would be beneficial, I just don’t even know what information to condense - there is so much!! :expressionless:

Start from the key concepts at the end of each topic and when you’re writing them down you’ll remember what else to add from what you read. I do that and it helps me when I take the practice exercises!