Schweser for 1 and 2 but not 3?

For those that successfully passed levels 1 and 2 using Schweser notes, do any of you find that level 3 is much different? The combo of Schweser/ EOC/ blue boxes has worked for me the past 2 levels and I was wondering if those that continued on with this method for level 3 found it to still be a succesful method. If you thought Schweser was bad for level 2 then this topic isn’t directed at you.

Works. Schwes + EOC + blue boxes + go through the summary bullet points at the end of every chapter.

I also can’t stress the EOC questions enough. I went through all of them and marked down the ones I got wrong the first time, then redid those, then marked down the ones I got wrong again, then redid those, etc… until there were only 2-3 total questions where I was still fuzzy come test time.

I did the same for Level II and passed. You DEFINITELY don’t need to read the whole CFAI books, no matter what anyone says.

Schwes rules (I even used a 1-year old version and it was good enough).

I didn’t touch a CFA book and I passed

Schweser for all three levels. I don’t think it matters as much whether u use CFAI or Schweser, the main thing is to use ALL of the supplemental practice stuff: EOC, blue boxes, qbank, old exams, mocks, flashcards…try explaining currency hedging to an uninterested girlfriend and see if she understands or her eyes glaze over…helps you learn the concepts better if you have to explain to a compete lay person

Failed Level III first time just using Schweser, although to be honest I put in too little time. Passed well the second time using Schweser + EOC + blue boxes. I agree with PistolPt that EOC are really important. Only read the CFAI books when you need further clarification.

First pass all three levels …used schweser as main material for taking notes, and only did EOC for levels 2 and 3, multiple times. So it is doable, make sure to do enough practice exams though. Schweser videos were a good supplement if you can get them, and secret sauce helps a lot while on the go.

^ agree with Sk0084 -

I passed all three first attempt as well, only used schweser. read schweser at all levels 2 times through (not skipping the EoC) then I did 10+ mock exams for all three levels cover to cover

Can’t agree. Found Schweser to be quite useless at level 3. Especially the QBank. But the problem is that a large chunk of the CFAI text is pure waffle. Just far too much rambling on stuff that is “interesting to know” but will never actually be tested. Schweser just gets to the point. That said I’m not gambling with Schweser again.

+1 for Schweser.

Level 1: 100% Schweser

Level 2: Schweser + CFAI EOC

Level 3: Schweser + CFAI EOC

Forget the people that say “Passing level XYZ requires you to use CFAI books.” I mean, yeah, if you can read fast enough, CFAI books would be better. But for me, I didn’t have the time. Make sure you understand the LOS, honestly, and you’ll be fine with just Schweser. You may have to consult CFAI books to get to that full LOC understanding.

I didnt use CFAI books or Schweser and passed on the 1st attempt. I used Finquiz, CFAI end of chapter and Arif’s Videos, NYSSA classes. For practice I used Schweser Online mock, Arif’s mocks and old CFA mocks.

This may be a stupid question but what are the “blue boxes” that everyone refers to?

level 1: 100% Schweser

level 2: 100% Schweser

level 3: 100% Schweser

Went 3/3 using only Schweser each time. I read through the first chapter in the CFAI texts for level one and then said there is no way I’m going to do this for all the rest. Got the premium package with videos and qbank for each level and passed each on the first try. Didn’t even open the CFAI materials for level 2 or level 3.

For level 3, my general strategy was to do one of the 18 sections per week and have 6 weeks at the end for review. I read the Schweser notes on the bus to and from work, and watched a video or did qbank during my lunch break at work. On the weekend I’d do a couple hours each on Saturday and Sunday, all of the Schweser end of chapter questions for the section I did that week and then cumulative review qbank of everything I’d done so far.

For the last month I pounded on practice tests and qbank. Ended up doing 3 full practice exams from Schweser, the Schweser mock exam, the CFA mock exam and all AM exam problems from 2008 to now. The last week before the exam, I did all of the exam workshop questions from the Schweser exam workshop book. I ended up doing all ~2500 qbank questions and then starting over and doing about half of them again.

There was exactly one question in the PM out of the 360 points on the exam that I feel like it wasn’t covered in Schweser this year. Otherwise I think Schweser does a fine job and really limits your work. The key for me in all 3 levels was repetition and working problems. There’s only so much you can really take in by reading all the dry material. Qbank is an absolute must have and the videos were great for me. Although slightly less helpful for level 3 I’d still recommend them.

I honestly don’t think it matters much either way what you use. If you have been using Schweser I’d just stick with that. The key is to do honest self-evaluation of where you are at and to target your weak areas over and over. This is where qbank helps you. Do some problem sets of just your weak areas. Track how you are improving over time. Repeat questions you have previously gotten wrong. Go back and re-read areas you are screwing up on. Repeat repeat repeat always focusing on your weaknesses.

BTW, “blue boxes” are the example problems in the CFAI texts that used to be surrounded by a light blue shaded box.

“uninterested girlfriend” strategy doesn’t work for me.

I have a wife who is chartered accountant and working as a senior financial analyst for insurance company.

Should I get a girlfriend for the sake of cfa exam?

i’ll say i definitely would’ve failed if I didnt do the CFAI EOC and blue box examples, but didn’t read the CFAI text. definitely do past exams as well.

IMO, i say passing the CFA exams is all about “doing” (ie questions and exams) rather than reading.

^ Totally agree - I think alot of ppl get into the whole reading and learning aspect to the point where they run out of time to do sufficient amount of practice questions, which IMO also, helps more vs trying to retain info via reading. I made sure I had 1-1.5mths remaining prior to the exam just to do questions only.

Passed L3 on first attempt. Used

Schweser for reading; CFAI EOC Questions; schweser practice tests (esp IPS related); schweser QB for Ethics, GIPS, Behav Fin.

Schweser with EOC questions - That’s it. Did really well on the exam.

Nothing wrong with Schweser - some will blame Schweser for their failures, it’s called attribution bias! I think Schweser thought me that! :slight_smile:

Cleared all the levels using Schweser + Question Bank + EOC curriculum questions. They (Schweser) are not the industry (content providers) leaders for nothing.