Schweser for 2007 vs Schweser for 2008 exams

Does anyone if Schweser made any updates in the notes for 2008? I am retaking the L2 exam and I am studying on the same notes from last year’s exam, but I am reading some of the postings here and I get a feeling there are items excluded (especially FSA / CF) and included (quant). I don’t want to be caught off guard at the time of the exam.

The curriculum has changed so Schweser have updated their notes, you may read about it in their CFA blog.

and from what I hear, Schweser has taken extra proteins and bulked up this year on L2. Each book has almost doubled in size – from 200 to close to 400 pages.

And if you’ve entered, then you have the CFA curriculum in full, so you should be able to check out the differences quite easily.