Schweser for Level 3

I can’t imagine Qbank being useful for L3. Am I wrong? Also, how was L3 Secret Sauce? I didn’t use it as much as I thought I would have for L2.

It had moderate usefulness in helping with information retention, but is definitely not adequate for simulating the exam. Their 6-part sets became repetitive towards the end for me. If it were cheaper I would be getting it again this year - anything that would help, right? However, at $300 (yeah I’m cheap), I’m on the fence about it. I’m going to be working through the old practice exams first before I consider it again.

Q-bank is ok to use as a compliment to the other practice tests. It is a decent change of pace when you are too tired and burnt out to tackle any of other problems. It should absolutely NOT be used as a supplement for the more CFAI essays and the E.O.C. questions. Time spent on the end of chapter questions and the prior year essays will pay off on test day. I bought the secret sauce for the first time in L3, but I hated it and never read past the first 50 pages. Some people seemed to like it, but for me it was way to brief to be useful as a real study tool. It leaves out all of the smaller details which you need to know if you want to really nail the exam. I found my own marked-up schweser notes to be a much better summary of the material.

^ Pretty much what I assumed. Thanks for your input everyone.

Ali, Will you only use CFAI material ? or CFAI + Schweser notes

CFAI + Schweser notes, with bigger emphasis on CFAI. I’ll try to take notes or fill out flash cards following the CFA curriculum, and you? How have you been these days, anyway?

I think I will only read Schweser notes but do the CFAI questions. I hear Schweser does not have a lot of questiosn for level 3. I hear the level 3 test bank for Schwer repeats questison after generating a really small number of exams. Besides the questison are all multipel choice and the essays seem to be the hardest part.

Read CFAI for SS 4 and 5. This is the heart of the morning.

QBank doesn’t help much. Got Schweser stuff my first time around - not useful. Failed, i like to think due to time constraint - too much going on, one month of very crappy study. Seems to me CFAI is way to go for this one. Even the redundancy in readings reinforces the material. We’ll see how that attitude shifts if i don’t pass.

will schweser 2009 suffice for 2010exam ? or are they dramatically different?