Schweser - Formulae Sheet

Hey guys, I have yet to complete my formula sheet to remember. I didnt do it for Level 1, since most of the stuff in level II is alien to most of us. I want to actually remember formulas as much as I can. But I see at the end of each schweser book they have already given a formula sheet. Do you think its enough or you prefer making your own / any tips ?

Make your own formula sheet - those pages are a good start, definitely need to know every formula there (as well as the ratios in the CFAI material on page 3-4 of book 2), but there are so many other formulas throughout the CFAI and Schweser material. Look @ Schweser, they only give 2 formulas for all of Pension accounting in the back. Within their own material, they go over 5-6 key formulas. Back pages are not enough.