Schweser freight to Europe and cash paid to UPS - wtf

Ok. On my schweser bill there is around 50 US$ of freight. The UPS guy wanted 43 € on top of that when he delivered my Schwesers this morning. Told him to go for a walk. So he ll come back next week once this is settled. 43€ for custom fees and the likes seems very extreme. Will contact Schweser today. Who’s also getting screwed by UPS?

how are you getting screwed? Its the law.

So they say. How about UPS is cashing a little more than it should ?

Same here. UPS charge custom fee and I also had to pay import tax.

Import taxes of 43€ on books of approx. 320 € is alot. Does anyone know why Amazon doesn’t have that ?

I’m gonna take a wild guess that you spend more than that every Friday night.

It’s for the principle.

I also had to pay. I learned that if you’re ordering not as a company but as a private individual, UPS’s policy is to charge you in cash upon delivery. You have to take the extra amount into account when you order the material. The customs fee is a percentage of the total sum on the invoice, it doesn’t have anything to do with paying for the freight, it’s between you and your government and UPS simply collects it for the government…