(schweser) FRM part 2 note and practice exam for 2014

(schweser) FRM part 2 note and practice exam for 2014

when will the FRM part 2 note and practice exam for 2014 become available?

Why not write to the Schweeze and report back the answer here on Analystforum.


If I remember correctly, GARP doesn’t release the curriculum for the (say) 2014 exams until sometime in early 2014. So prep providers’ notes won’t be available until February or so.

Unless things have changed.

Hi Wendy

Firstly apologies to Clarks for piggy backing your query but would like to ask if you completed both Part 1 and Part 2 with schweser alone ? I completed part 1 with schweser only and have used them again this year as didn’t want to deviate from what had worked before . While I realize their practice questions aren’t the most difficult, this combined with their notes provide a good understanding of the material and was sufficient for part 1 . I have also completed the GARP practise exams. My biggest problem at the moment for part 2 is quantum and trying to recall it all. Do you have any suggestions/pointers as I head into the last month before the exam , do you think it would be useful looking at BT or just hitting home basics with Schweser and obviously completing their final review exams.



I used Shwesser only for FRM1 and FRM2 and I rocked those exams. Though I am a smart cookie so YMMV.

When I wrote (2011), FRM2 seemed easier than FRM1.