Schweser going forward??

Looking at the forum, there seems to be plenty of AFers who have gone through the curriculum at least once, and are now into review, and mock exams, and I was wondering if you can give me advice on my strategy going forward.

I’ve gone through the first half (quant - corp fin), with CFAI text, and now evaluating whether I should use schweser for Alt. Investments, and Port Mgmt. Besides the obvious reasons of being less in depth, and summarizing key points, is there a reason why i SHOULDN’T use schweser to study Alt. Investments? It just seems to be more of a bore than other CFAI topics, and contain a ridiculous amount of information for a section that covers only 5-10% of the exam.

For those in godmode that have blasted through the curriculum, and are onto questions/mock, did you find schweser covered Alt. invstmts, and other topics (Econ, PM, Quant) enough to successfully answer the CFAI EOC questions?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

And those who have gone throught the CFA L2 alternative investments and derivatives…how does it compare to the L1 alternative investments and derivatives in terms of difficulty and new material???

I though AI was a joke when I went through it. Seemed easier than L1. I didn’t do CFAI EOCs so can’t respond to OPs question but it made perfect sense using Schweser, unlike say FRA which is tricky with Schweser,

Derivatives is definitely a LOT more involved for L2.

clevercfa how much syllabus have you covered

I’m stuck in the mud with FRA at the moment. It’s really put the brakes on my study. After that, I’ll have Ethics, PM, and Quant left. Note though that I’ve done only Schweser EOCs for all of these (except FRA which I’m doing CFAI EOCs only). So I’ll need a second pass with QBank + CFAI EOCs at the very least before hitting practice exams.

Thanks for your input. Do you have any prior experience/knowledge in alternative investments?

Even i am starting reading no 19 FRA tday