Schweser Guy

I don’t know about you but the “Schweser Guy” for the materials for L3 is freaking me out. I don’t even like to the look at the cover. I think the blue eyes matching the blue of the materials makes him look like he is a terminator or something. The other issue is that Schweser may be trying to get us used to proctors doing the stare down on the candidates for the exam.

I agree. I really miss Schweser Girl from L2.

People always glance at the book when I’m carrying the notes to work in the morning and kind of back off with a “what the hell” look on their faces. Now I try to cover the guy’s face with my hand as much as possible.

I don’t like his smirk. It is like he knows I am going to fail.

Do chicks dig this guy or something (please post here, ladies)? 'Cause I agree he’s an oddball.

I just asked my wife about this guy. She said “Something does seem right, here.”

I actually asked some women that I work with what they thought… their first impression was that the guy was some kind of child molester.