Schweser I hate you

Dudes this has been going on for 4 hours. WTF Errrr, i want to know why I got a 73% on 3PM…

Its taking me a minute to load each question…wtf!!!

Frustrating to say the least

kellyc319 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > You I always wondered…if you get the Cd and you > dont pass you can re-utilize the CD for the next > go around. But if you get the online version they > cut you off completely. So if you think about it, > it’s prob better if you get the CD anyways so that > you can have a copy of all the questions. > > I have online version because if you do qbank at > work and do it at home…you cna’t really sync up > the 2 versions you’ll have on 2 separate laptops. check and see if there is an “export statistics” function. Stalla has it, I can do q’s at home or on my laptop or my desktop at home and then just export or import to one or the other (or back and forth) so everything is consolidated.

I just asked for the one time d/l too. Can’t afford to run into problems here. These bastards - maybe they should up their fees to improve their service! HA!!!