Schweser I hate you


Schweser Mcpass I hate you too

no kidding…taking me 10 minutes to set up a qbank quiz

next year (for level 3 hopefully), insist on the CD ROM version of the QBank and videos. They don’t like to do it b/c it adds to their COGS but avoids all of these server side issues…

And here I was thinking it was my work servers being slow because everyone was surfing the net during lunch.

I never understood why people got the online version (esp. if you own a laptop).

Good one for next year… L3.

I feel your pain… it’s been 10 min and the exam creating page still hasn’t loaded yet.

you’d think with the all the hate mail i’m sure they must be getting they would simply get another couple of servers. this kind of stuff you don’t forget the next time you need to order study supplies. i asked them to send me a software download version, hopefully they respond in a decent amount of time

You guys should try accessing all of the online schweser material by mobile broadband…I practically have to stand upside down to get a better reception :))

yeah, I have the CD and never have the problems you guys are having, and I totally sympathize. CD is the way to go. Just make sure you run an update about once a week as they are constantly updating errata in the questions.

For me the problem about CD version is that 1) I will have pay a shipment fee to Russia nd 2) Schweser won’t bother to set declared customs value below $200, so I will have to pay some taxes and fees in addition. In total it will add about $200, including customs brokerage services from UPS.

It’s not downloadable?

You I always wondered…if you get the Cd and you dont pass you can re-utilize the CD for the next go around. But if you get the online version they cut you off completely. So if you think about it, it’s prob better if you get the CD anyways so that you can have a copy of all the questions. I have online version because if you do qbank at work and do it at home…you cna’t really sync up the 2 versions you’ll have on 2 separate laptops.

I asked to change qbank to a download software version and I got a response in 10 minutes. now it’s working find on my computer…

Just called - takes 5 mins you get a link to download it unto 1 PC

Thanks for the info. I just called as well. You not only saved me a few extra hours of studytime, but probably a few hundred bucks considering I won’t break my monitor now.



sucks because I want to do a few qs here and there while Im at work. and its loaded onto my laptop at home. prolly should be working anyway. wonder how much economic $$ output is lost this week due to this test. assuming we create econ output.