Schweser Intensive Review Good? Instructor: Conover or Benrud?

Hi, I am thinking about signing up for one of the 3 day Schweser courses. Does anyone have a view on these? Also, which instructor is better - Conover or Benrud?

I’m thinking about taking the 3-day class in Los Angeles. I have heard good things about it but I wonder how in depth the instructor can go if he/she attempts to cover all 18 study session in 20 hours? Also, I’m behind in the readings and like others here, I’m having trouble retaining much of the information. I wonder how this will impact my ability to learn the material during the class (i.e. will i be completely lost or is the class geared toward slackers like myself who aren’t on top of their studies)?

User Search, you will find lots of clues about Benrud here

Grexan, What do you mean by User Search? I did a Search for keyword Benrud going back 12 months and did not get anything meaningful. Do you mean the author search? Thanks,604068,607798#msg-607798,194029,194094#msg-194094

Grexan, Thanks for the links, but there is no mention of Conover - I would like to know what he is like as an instructor, and whether the course itself is recommended. Thanks

I saw a video CD with Conover a few years back. His delivery left something to be desired as he just basically read what was on the slides. Maybe he is better in person. I definitely didn’t feel motivated while watching him. That is usually what I want out of an instructor at this point.

arr now I’m torn, what do you guys think? Should I do the 3 day seminar if I already went through all Stalla Material including all lectures and all passmaster questions? Is it worth over $400? what are the pros and cons?? I can’t make up my mind!!

Hey Iwona. I signed up today and like you, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it. Anyhow, i decided ‘what’s another $429?’ I’ve already spent a lot of money on the program between registrations, books, study notes and practice exams for all levels. If it helps me to pass, the price of the seminar is well worth it. Also, the seminar will force me to spend at least 20 hours on the material and I trust that Schweser and the instructor will make it a very efficient 20 hours.

Do it, Iwona! Haha. I pretty much feel the same as MPT. It sucks to shell out another 4 bills but if it helps, I’m willing to do it. Having my freedom back this time next year is worth much more than $429 to me. But then again, it probably also depends on each person’s individual circumstances. If you feel pretty comfortable with everything you’ve studied and are retaining it, then it might be worthwhile to continue chugging along this weekend like usual… I think the structured 20 hrs will be good for me since I’ve been losing steam in the past few weeks, which is not good… But if you come, there’ll be 4 of us from our USC mock exam lunch group there. You, me, Grexan and MPT. Party on.

oh I still cant make up my mind…! Do you guys know how much theory they cover versus practice questions? Let me know if you do, I looked on the website but didn’t really say… Yes that would be fun to be there all together! Arrrr…

Guys, ask for the 15% Company discount, it will bring the price down to $365! If you have already placed your order, you can call back within 30 days for adjustment. My work paid for the registration and sch notes but not the seminar, so I am spending from my pocket. I didn’t take Level 2 review by Schweser last year and opted for John Harris. But this year I think tying all the material together over 3 days is worth it. From what I hear, Level 3 is more about interconnections between study sessions. As for practice questions, from what I remember from Level 1, there were some questions covered in the 3 days. But there was a lot of bullet points, etc. One benefit you do get is that you get to ask questions in breaks, lunch hour, etc. to clarify the concepts. Iwona, you might want to call and ask them about coverage of pratice questions. Good luck and see you guys tomorrow. Don’t forget to pick a lunch spot early on, so we don’t have to wander around like last year’s Mock :slight_smile:

omg!!! I just signed up for this 3 day thing! yayks!!! Grexan you rule! I just got a 20% company discount! yey!!! See you guys tomorrow, of course it will take me 2 hours to get there tomorrow morning (coming from Newport) nothing like a big cup of coffee to wake me up tho… I’m so excited!!!