Schweser is annoying!!!

Does anyone else get frustrated when taking a practice exam via test management on schweser, and you consistently get questions like “given 1234 usd/eur as a direct quote, the indirect quote would be” It reminds of mean, median, and mode questions from last year

i have more problems with it being down, again.

what do you mean down again? you guys use the online version rather the cd version?

WTF, we can’t upload test answers or use QBank…mother f*ckers. it’s not like this sh#ts free.

here we go again


agree. i’m getting Error: Host not available WTF!!!

I know there is high traffic on their site as the test draws near… but this increase in use is something they have to anticipate. This is really annoying.

this fucking thing is pissing me off too

Seriously Its down a F***ing again this is a mission critical weekend I really can’t afford this kind of down time holiday weekend 2 weeks before exam come on now plus the site had been having issues weeks ago

its official… Schweser sucks.

Class action lawsuit

It’s times like these I am glad I have the CD version of the qbank.

and there are many mistakes and inconsistencies in the questions - no quality questions in my opinion - testing details hunting skills rather than core knowledge -