Schweser is sufficient or not?

If I only use Schweser and not the CFA Cirriculum, will it be enough to pass the exam? Anyone use only Schweser before and Pass?

dude look at the thread underneath please

Wow… that is pretty pathetic - you don’t even need to use the search function when there is a post answering this question at the top of the main page.

nah dude Schweser is a death trap. I used it to pass my SATs and it sucked. Stay away from Schweser and just follow the CFAI curriculum

zero you are nuts, schweser is more than enough to pass. I only looked at Schweser and there was not one question on the test where I was caught off guard

I won’t use any words like “sufficient”, “enough”, “good”, “bad”. I used Schweser premium package (Notes,Q-Banks, video CD, 3-day live seminar) for all of my 3 levels, I passed 3/3. I am not a smart guy by any measure. You decide.