schweser june-december

i faild too. i am so unhappy. but i wont give up. i have two questions: schweser books (and cfa books) are valid for december? i don’t have to buy the new one? and second question, i had online Q bank (and also schweser program with questions on my PC). are these questions valid also for december, or i have to buy the new one Q bank (online or software for my PC)? how to learn now, when i thought I’ve already learnd almost everything?

I believe all should be current for 2010. Can guarantee anything past that though

Yes they are valid for Dec 2010 just keep reviewing, rereading, and doing practice q’s

I though QBank expired on 30 June 2010? If I try loading the program, I get this: “Your program has expired, please visit for new products.” Try it - you may have to purchase it again.

I think you can just change the date on your PC to trick the program

thanks a lot, and also for the support!!!