Schweser L2 16-week online worth it?

Is anyone able to recommend (either for or against) the use of the 16-week online program provided by Schweser? I’m having difficulty understanding the FSA concepts partly because the material is NOT written clearly in the study notes and I’m concerned that Schweser won’t explain the material clearly in the online classes. Maybe AF members are having more success with the study notes and I’m just ignorant…woomp woomp. Please let me know. Thanks!

I like the on-line classes with Dr Tim Smaby (he’s the level II manager and is doing the UK classes this year). Since you obviously would be following the seminars in archived form, and with a ‘compressed’ time schedule, you could join either class (US or UK version). I know nothing of the other guy who is doing the US classes. I find it is easier to have the various subject areas talked over by someone, putting an emphasis on difficult areas, rather than relying on reading alone. But that’s my view. I don’t find it’s outright easier, it’s by no means the equivalent of plugging a USB memory stick into your brain so as to download the key components, but it’s a varied form of study. You still have to do all of the hard work but you’ll be able to put down more hours in accumulated study time.

Andrew Holmes is the guy on Tues evening in U.S. He is a very good instructor. High energy, clear vision and hopefully emphasis on crucial topics. As with any class, it helps to review before the class starts, but it is worth it IMO.

I like Andrew. He’s funny, I stay awake, and the last class on intercorporate investments was interesting and made sense. I’m very happy I put the money in. It’s expensive, I don’t know if it’s worth it just for FSA, but you have to look at your own capital budgeting/opportunity cost/future value tradeoffs.

I’ve been taking Andrew Holmes’ classes as well and find them productive. But I don’t know how much of my own money I would have put out for them (since I expect to be reimbursed). If it’s just FSA you are worried about, then maybe you should take a John Harris workshop…

I did it last year and it was helpful to an extent, but 16 three hour classes is a lot of time, better spent reading and taking tests IMHO.

I second rowaytonite’s comments. I did the online classes last year for L1 and found myself staring at the monitor a lot of times … wondering that I had to be focusing on other weak spots. W/ that said, the xtra money has been allocated to John Harris. Just went to his workshop this past weekend and helped put a things in perspective (all I need to do now is go back and review all of his notes).