Schweser L2 Review - Milwaukee

Did anyone else here go to the Level II review with Tim Smaby from Schweser tonight at the CFA Society of Milwaukee? One thing that surprised me was that Tim (who is the director of L2 curriculum) made at least 4 references to Analyst Forum. He said that before this year (when CFAI started releasing actual exam info), Schweser has relied on AF to get a feel for what was being tested on each exam. It seems that they pay VERY close attention to what is being posted here when formulating their curriculum. So our discussions here are actually leading indicators for what Schweser will focus on for future versions of their study notes. This leads me to believe that: 1. Schweser (or other study providers) doesn’t know what will be covered on the exam any better than we do. 2. We should be reading the CFA curriculum and not relying 100% on study notes if we want to assure a “Level 2: Pass”