schweser L2

I have 2008 Schweser books if any one is interested

On this topic, has anyone used the Level 2 Video CDs? Are they helpful?

i ordered them this year for L2. i figure they’ll give me something to do when i don’t feel like reading. does anyone know if you can put them on your iphone / touch? do i need to convert them to mp4?

I bought the videos last year. Clearly they weren’t enough, since I’m back here again. I think they’re a good overview of the topic, but you’ll never get the same level of understanding that you would by going through and reading. Not worth the money IMHO.

i agree. i’m about to get the videos in the mail soon, and many people here mention that the vids alone won’t pass you. their best use is for concept reinforcement that’s all.

I have the vids. They will definitely not replace readings. I think they are a good supplement/review after you have read it once or to get an overview of a topic before diving in. They are not amazing but every bit helps I think.

What does everyone think about the Audio lessons?