Schweser L3 QBank needs major improvement...

… is one of the things I noticed. Their notes proved priceless (to me anyway) but the QBank was less than useless - it sucked valuable time and I stopped using it pretty quickly.

Concur? Disagree?

I felt that the videos were OK but low RoI (or KoT - knowledge / time ratio.) I ended up not watching any of them. 40 hours saved.

^ Completely agree mate. QBank in L3 was complete waste! Except for some videos of Marc and David Heatherington, the rest were complete waste! Dont remember the guys name, but he was basically reading out a presentation!

Where is my good old Stalla :frowning:

^Agree with you guys - I installed the Qbank, did maybe two questions and browsed through some of them, then uninstalled! I found Secret sauce for L2 and L3 to be priceless, esp at informal times that you need to kill - really imprints the concepts in your mind.

I invesed heavily in QBank and got a band 2. Says it all really. Hope Schweser henchmen are reading this.

Completely agree. Is there a way to make any comments to Schweser directly? They definitely need to revise their Qbank…

I’ve just sent a feedback to Schweser through their contact us form, guys, please do the same, maybe they’ll wake up and do something about their Qbank for the sake of the next generations.

Our friend S200 would probably have even told Schweser this already!

Magician, could you please pass this on if you could? Cheers!

I used Schweser in 2011 and FinQuiz in 2012 and 2013 . Each has its quirks.Overall, I liked FinQuiz both for the Q-bank and the mock exams . I find Schweser to have higher % of calculation oriented questions compared to the actual tests . I also agree that FinQuiz Q-bank is better than Schweser’s ( albeit my knowledge is 2 years old , but didn’t like it in 2011)

Qbank was good for the PM item sets IMO, just like Qbank was good for the level 2 exam. Not so good for the essays.

Did you filter out everything but advanced questions? Anything less is a worthless review and only has any value when you are first introduced to a reading.

Need suggesion … I really like SCH notes (used it for L1 & L2, as well as L3). Prep wans’t that great & failed with B7. This time want to use QBANK and Video.

Are people saying SCH Qbank is not as great? Should i opt for FinQuiz or somethig else? Seems like Finquiz has some deal for retakers (not sure if that means any retakers vs. only reakers who used Finquiz the first time around).

Why have you discounted me by 90%?


Better than deprecation, I suppose.

I did about 1200 q bank questions instead of eoc questions. I also did 6 mocks. I passed handily.

I disagree with most people on this. Granted, the easy/medium questions aren’t quite as useful. You have to use the “advanced” questions.

The best way–select “advanced”. Then create a PRINTABLE test. Copy/paste the test into Word. Take vignette #1 and grade it, and see what you did wrong. Then take vignette #2 and grade it, and see what you did wrong.

I did probably 50-60 vignettes in the last month this way, and I think it did a lot of good.

I don’t mind the non advanced questions. exam prep has two parts. knowing the info and being ready to answer questions non advanced questions don’t do the later but help with the former tremendously.

Qbank was awesome for L1, mediocre for 2, terrible for 3… but is this really surprising to anyone? Just based on the format for each exam it would make sense that with each progressive level, Qbank is a less effective tool.

For 3, it comes down to pure mocks & past actuals. I did 5 full AM sessions and for PM, I did 2 and then once I figured out my ‘weak’ sections, I then focused soley on those topics on other PM practice tests.