Schweser Level 1 Notes

I am a Level 1 aspiring candidate for the CFA program. I have read about the Schweser Level 1 Notes (Books) and want to ask how many pages does each book contain?

Thank for your replies!

I think they range from 250+ to ~400.


Anybody who read the Notes found it helpful?? I painfully read through the CFA books and would rather go back and review bits and pieces than reading another five volume! Is it worthy of my time as I feel I could use my time for other tools, i.e repeating practice exams.

If you have already read through the curriculum (and highlighted the important bits) then you don’t need to buy the notes. Do the EOCs and definitely buy the Eleventh Hour Guide or Secreat Sauce.

Thanks! I’ve heard good reviews about the Eleventh Hour Guide. Might have to check it out!

Thanks all!