Schweser Level 2 for 2010

Any idea when will the material be sent ?

Didn’t someone say mid to late october? I am getting anxious. I had Nov 1st as my start date and still no sign!!

start with CFAI books, for example ethics, research and objectivity standards are the same.

They told me they will start shipping end of October…

I think they start in October but Secret Sauce doesn’t come out until March, at least according to thier site

called Schweser - they start shipping on 10/28 according to the order placement. Customer service rep says it should take about 3 days to process all orders so we’ll get the material beginning of Nov.

I spoke to a Schweser rep as well who said that they will definitely be shipping October 30th.

Dammit. I needed it that weekend. Damn you schweser. DAMN YOU!!! SCHWESER!!! (looks up at sky as camera faded away - circa seinfeld)