Schweser Level 2 Practice Exams

What are past Level 2 Exam takers perception of the level of difficulty of the Schweser Practice Exams compared to the real thing? I felt the Schweser Practice Exams were much harder for when preparing for Level 1.

There is no relevance between real and schweser. I may get 80% in schweser but won’t get 60 in real.

Dude, I did the first test and got a ~60 on the AM and a F%kin 40 on the PM on Sat morning. I wanted to puke after that one. But, right back to books, keep on the plan. I’ve heard from level two’rs at my work last year the the tests and Q bank while different and a terrible way to gauge your probability of passing, are still the best preparation. which makes me feel better at least.

Take CFAI practice tests.

yeah, def. Saving for that for mid to late May - for final prep.