Schweser Level 3 Delivery

Anyone know how delivery of Schweser’s Level 3 physical books work? ie Is it only the PDF versions which are released at different times? So if I ordered the physical books now, I’d have to wait until December for delivery of everything, rather than Schweser sending me the ones covering material available now (book 0 etc) straightaway, and the rest when they come out. THanks

I thought the books (0,1, and 4) come out next week?

But will Schweser deliver the physical versions to people next week, or just the pdfs?

No I mean the books 0,1, and 4 will ship next week (the physical B&M version)!

I called Schweser last week about this. They indicated that they you will receive the materials in separate shipments based on their availability. So I guess you will receive books 0, 1 and 4 next week and the other books/materials in November. They also told me that they charge your credit card once the first shipment goes out.