Schweser Level 3 pdfs

Any idea from where one can get the pdf files for schweser notes 1-5 for 2009?

I don’t think they are avaliable anymore.

Schweser said so while releasing 09 cirriculum but i see it (pdg versions for 09 book) on a few sites (although paid versions) … was looking for a free download somewhere if available

you’re an idiot

I’ve only seen 2008 Schweser level 3 notes floating around


artvandalay, where have you seen the 2008 level 3 notes ? can you send a link?

here you go:,700762

Plus Schweser put water-tight seal on those PDF notes (the file is a .exe file). It also put a time lock on it, once 2008 CFA season is over, the file is no longer useable.

i managed to get the .pdf out of the .exe if any nerds care, here’s how i did it: i noticed that when i run the .exe it creates a .tmp file in “documents and settings\administrator\local settings emp” – the tmp file is the pdf file, but there’s an OS-level exclusive file lock on it for AcroRd32.exe (access denied for everything else) and when the process is terminated with TASKKILL or by any other means the tmp file disappears. so i put in a flash drive and went in cmd, did “SET TEMP=I:” and “SET TMP=I:” then STARTed the program from the same cmd prompt with the new env variable for tmp folder. when it finished loading the TMP file was on the flash drive. i pulled out the flash drive, killed acrobat, put the drive back in, renamed it to pdf, and there it was then i used some program to remove printing locks and such from the .pdf

^^ p.s. that was not schweser notes that i was talking about, but some non-copyrighted public-domain .pdf document wrapped in an .exe