Schweser Level II video useful? Looking to buy?

Has anyone passed Level II Exam using the videos from Schweser?

I’m looking to buy their videos. Anyone willing to sell?

I have not taken Level 2 yet but am using the Kaplan videos to study and find them very useful. Only problem is they are an application so they can only be used on PC and not put on iPad or mobile device. Still think they are helping a lot though.

My plan is to run through all videos, do EOC questions in CFA books after each video section, then do practice question sets 1-2 months before exam.

Wiley videos (Peter & Basit videos only) >>>>>>>>> Schweser videos, IMO.

I relied heavily on the 2013 schweser videos for L2 the same year and felt they were lacking. They skimmed/underemphasized important topics. I ended up skipping a year and passed in 2015 with only CFAI material. If youve read the chapters and completed the CFAI problems, videos could be very helpful to quickly review everything before you start doing mocks but I would not use them as a primary source. They may also be helpful if youre struggling to grasp a topic from the readings alone.

I did lean very heavily on the schweser videos for L1 in 2012 and was happy with them. They helped for pacing and were appropriate for the level of detail tested. L2 is a lot more focused.

I recorded a few videos for Schweser back in 2011 - some Level I and some Level II.

I think the Level II videos were Equity.


Thank you for all your responses! Appreciate it.

My first time through level 1 I found the Kaplan videos useful because they really broke everything down into simple terms … that in itself isn’t enough to pass the exam but I think it was a good foundation to work from. The Peter and Basit videos are definetely the best but the Kaplan ones are a great starting point