Schweser live mock exam difficult? Dropped from 70-80% to 60%.

I have done the CFAI exam nr. 1 and got a 73. I am also using Apptuto and scoring above 70 here as well.

Yesterday, I took the Schweser live mock exam and scored 60 %! This kind of knocked my confidence… However i see that some no Level 3 has complained about the live exam in 2017 being very though ( Did anyone else do the Schweser live mock and had a similar drop in %-age score?

I really thought i had L1 in the bag, but now im really worried! :-/


I haven’t done a Schweser live mock, but this seems to be an extremely common reaction to it. Everyone says its extremely difficult.

Schweser performance tracker shows average score between 65 and 70%, it got me worried since I was expecting it to be much lower

On the exam I took 9th of June, it say average score of 53,59%. Im not really sure how many participants its reflecting…

Anyways, I would really appreciate if anybody with similar experiences comment.

My score in the Dec 2017 Schweser live mock was absolutely awful. I think it was something like 48% for AM, and 55% for PM. I hit the qbanks and mocks for the next couple of weeks, and I passed L1 fairly comfortably. I think it was certainly tougher than the real thing, but I also think you’ll pick up ‘adrenaline points’ on the day. Don’t sweat it, stick with the plan. I’ve mentioned this several times, but when I was at the point you’re at now, I was contemplating not even showing up. You can do it.

Can’t comment on the Schweser mocks for this year, but I just took the first mock of last year’s Schweser pack and got slightly lower scores compared to the CFA Mock (71% vs 75%). The ethics questions definitely seem a bit trickier and the questions in general seem to focus on the things you tend to forget. It’s a good way to find the gaps.

Live mock is usually tougher. You can check your performance overall with the rest of the live mock takers at Schweser’s site, to give you some perspective.

If you’re +10-15%, youre in good shape. If you’re “average” then you’re not in good shape.

Today’s exam wasn’t difficult. I’ve got 85% without any problem. And it’s much easier than CFAI mock exams