Schweser Live Mock Exam

Is this any different from the two practice test books we receive with the notes? Obviously it’s live and proctored, but in terms of difficulty - is it worth it?

I have signed up. I thought it would be a good idea to reproduce the exam in a live setting. I presumed it is different to the practice exams, but I may be wrong.

My logic is this: if a prep provider is supplying practice tests that are its best attempt at matching the difficulty and style of the real exam, how can they make any changes that are significant enough to really make the live mock any different?

Though it may just be me trying to talk myself out of it - I have a tendency to do that.

Yeah, I thought the same and am not going to bother with them. I have 7 practice exams (6 schweser + 1 CFAI) which I think are going to be enough. I don’t see the benefit of paying someone more money to essentially just take another Schweser practice in a “real looking setting”.